PVT – Leader in Thin Film Technology

PVT – People with Vision and Technology

PVT Plasma und Vakuum Technik GmbH, with its world headquarter in Bensheim, near Frankfurt, Germany, is a leader in the field of ion- and plasma-assisted vacuum coating technologies for over 30 years.

PVT’s focus is on

  • wear resistant
  • erosion resistant
  • corrosion resistant and
  • low friction

high-performance thin films and coatings.

PVT is very familiar with the challenges and the continuously growing requirements of the different industries such as

  • increased lifetime and longevity of tools and components
  • increased productivity of coating systems
  • more efficient coating processes and
  • better target utilization of more and more complex and expensive coating materials.

PVT develops for these requirements vacuum coating processes, protective coatings and designs and manufactures vacuum coating systems for the benefit of our worldwide customer base.

PVT also applies all these developments in its own coating centers and distributes these technologies worldwide.

PVT is also a preferred partner for the different industries, such as

  • the cutting tool industry,
  • the dies and molds industry,
  • th automotive industry,
  • the aircraft and aerospace industry as well as
  • the medical industry

to develop high-performance coatings for the most severe applications.

According to the company’s philosophy, the “total satisfaction of the customer” has the highest priority.