Hard Coating Series

Si-doped Coatings

PVT hard coatings Si doped

The Si+-coating was developed for machining of hardened and highly alloyed steels as well as alloys with a high hardness (over 60 HRC). This coating shows an excellent wear resistance as well as excellent thermal stability. As a consequence the Si+-coating permits extreme cutting conditions at highest temperatures of over 1,100°C.

Due to the multilayered composition the Si+-coating provides a double function as the ductile base coating already shows a high wear resistance and hot hardness but can be increased considerably through the Si-containing top coating.

We offer the following Si-doped Coatings designed for your applications:

Hardness (*)
max. service
Si + 38 ≥ 1,100 dark copper

(*) Nanohardness, deviations +/- 3 GPa

Customized coatings available on request.