Coatings and Applications

PVT’s high-performance coatings are used for:

  • wear resistance
  • erosion resistance
  • friction reduction

The information age, our everyday life and routines on a small scale as well as the global societies and trade flows on a large scale, are based to a large extent on thin-film technology.

This technology enables, among other things, the manufacturing of semiconductor elements due to the deposition of materials with layer thicknesses in the order of magnitude of a few µm or less. Semiconductors can be found as circuits, memories or displays e.g. in our computer or smartphones or produce energy as solar cells, for example.

Another area of application of thin-film technology is the generation of hard and tribological coatings for surface refinement, wear protection or friction reduction.

Application Examples

  • Wear resistant coatings with highest hardness improve significantly the service time of (micro-) tools for cutting, dies and moulds .
  • Erosion resistant coatings for operations under harsh environments. For example, hard coatings extend the life of aircraft turbine blades, which are prone to erosion due to suction of dust and ice crystals during operation.
  • Tribological coatings with low coefficient of friction reduces the friction, for example, inside of roller bearings – in parallel the wear is reduced and the service time increased.
  • Bio-compatible coatings are used to extend the life time of medical prostheses and to improve their ingrowth behavior.
  • Conductive and non-conductive coatings are used to increase respectively decrease the conductivity of electrical parts or to generate electrical insulation.

PVT tools applications