Our outstanding and consistent quality is guaranteed by ongoing quality assurance measures in our in-house testing and analysis laboratories.

Our laboratories are equipped with a wide variety of measuring systems:

  • Optical microscopes:
    Low magnification microscopes for visual inspection of incoming and outgoing costumer tools or large-scale components
    Metallurgic microscopes for evaluation of adhesion
    Full digital high resolution microscopes for 3D-measures of complex surfaces
  • GDOES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) to characterize the composition of the coatings bulk-material
  • SEM + EDX (Scanning Electron Microscope + Energy Dispersive X-ray) for composition characterization of the coatings surface material
  • Profilometer for determining the surface roughness
  • Cutting-edge measurement device to characterize the rounding of cutting edges
  • Hardness-tester to determine adhesion according to Rockwell indentation test
  • Tribometer for measuring friction and wear
  • Wide variety of other analytical test methods in cooperation with partners and institutes, such as e.g.
    Nano-indentation for hardness determination
    Crystallographic phase identification
    Scratch test for evaluation of adhesion
    Raman spectroscopy

Picture taken with SEM/EDX-system: Multi-layered AlTiN coating, thicker than 10 µm

PVT research sem edx

Composition measurement
done by GDOES-system

PVT research gdoes

Measurement of coefficient of friction
done by tribometer

PVT research taC