i-L 4.3500

In-Line System (> under construction)

The Inline-System i-L 4.3500 is …

pvt system i l 4 3500 rendering

The Inline-System i-L 4.3500 is characterised by:

    • Robust system designed for the rigorous production environment using sophisticated vacuum coating technologies.
    • Rugged construction marked by an extremely advanced highly refined design.
    • Extreme reliability based on intelligent straightforward design and construction.
    • The broadest spectrum of coatings and coating technology available in a single system at the lowest possible cost.
    • Fully automatic, computer controlled, closed loop process control providing process repeatability, reliability and a user-friendly environment.

System Specifications

Größe des internen Transportrahmens
= maximale Beschichtungsfläche
3.500 × 1.500 mm
Size of the Bipolarplates (BiPs) 445 × 132 mm
Bipolarplates (BiPs)
Durchlauf innerhalb von 5 Minuten
69 pieces
Doppellagige und beidseitige Beschichtung 500 nm
Bipolarplates (BiPs) per Year 5.000.000 pieces
Euro per Bipolarplate (BiP) 0,5 to < 1

PVT system i l 4 3500 detail 01

PVT system i l 4 3500 detail 02