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Ti-based Coatings

PVT hard coatings Ti based

TiN (Titanium-nitride) is one of the first hard coatings ever produced by PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) and it offers one of the widest ranges of applications:
TiN is used as wear protection in different applications in particular in metal cutting machining processes (drills, mills, cutting tools) as well as in forming applications (stamping, pressing, die casting and extrusion) or even as erosion protection for turbine blades.

TiCN-coatings (Titanium-Carbo-Nitride) have a higher hardness than TiN-coatings. TiCN is used in machining processes of abrasive and tough materials (steels, cast iron, copper and aluminum) as well as in cutting- and forming applications. Depending on the composition of the reactive gases the colours of the coatings are rose-gold or steel-blue.

We offer the following Ti-based Coatings designed for your applications:

Hardness (*)

max. service

TiN 25 600 golden
TiCN 30 600 rosegold

(*) Nanohardness, deviations +/- 3 GPa

PVT hard coatings TiN based example 01

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