Hard Coating Series

AlCr-based Coatings

PVT hard coatings AlCr based

AlCrN-coatings have a very high oxidation resistance combined with a very high thermal stability. The low affinity for cold welding and the high wear resistance allow a wide range of applications experiencing extended lifetime of tools.
The AlCrN-coatings are especially suited for the use on mechanically and thermally highly stressed tools and for dry- and wet machining at medium and high cutting speeds.

The AC+-coating is characterized by excellent hardness at high temperature and oxidation resistance. Its nano-structure improves the toughness and minimizes possible crack formations. The AC+ is the right coating for (dry) milling and drilling or hot stamping of sheet metal.

AlCrN-coatings are available in different compositions, i.e. the Aluminum content and the corresponding Cr-content can be widely varied in quantity. Ultimately the composition of the coating is determined by the application requirements.

If AlCrN-coatings are alloyed with certain elements, the lifetime can be extended considerably, e.g. for gear cutting tools.

We offer the following AlCr-based Coatings designed for your applications:

Hardness (*)
max. service
AlCrN 36 1,100 light anthracite
AC+ 36 1,100 anthracite

(*) Nanohardness, deviations +/- 3 GPa

Customized AlCrN-coatings are available on request.