Hard Coating Series

Cr-based Coatings

Though CrN-coatings (chromium-nitride) show slightly lesser hardness than Ti-based hard coatings but higher thermal stability. CrN-coatings can therefore be used in applications at higher temperatures as e.g. on piston rings in fuel engines.
Additionally they are often used in forming processes. Due to the corrosion resistance, CrN-coatings are a more modern and resilient alternative than electroplated hard chrome.

Multilayered variations of CrN-coatings show significantly higher hardness and a higher wear resistance and simultaneously a lower coefficient of friction.

Al-alloyed CrN-coatings show even higher hardness and can especially be used for forming and die-cast tools.

We offer the following Cr-based Coatings designed for your applications:

Hardness (*)

max. service

CrN 20 750 silver-grey

(*) Nanohardness, deviations +/- 3 GPa

Customized CrN-coatings are available on request.