Research & Development

In order to maintain our leading position in PVD-technology, we are dedicated to ongoing development programs. These programs are carried out by our internal R&D-department in very close cooperation with several international partners at scientific institutes and universities.

Examples for internal R&D programs:

  • Project 800 A for arc evaporation with highest efficiency
    Reduction of process time
    Improvement of target utilization
  • Project HiPIMS for sputtering magnetrons sources
    Optimization of coating properties like smoothness, density, crystal shape, stress, hardness to young’s modulus
  • Project Rotatables
    Tubular sputtering targets to merge high quality coatings with high productivity, optimized deposition conditions and improved economics
  • Project In-Line
    Combination of maximal throughput with highest coating quality for planar substrates

For more than 30 years we have been carrying out R&D-projects aimed at interacting tasks. The calculation, design, planning and construction of new customized solutions enable us to meet changing and increasing customer needs.

The main key to meeting and exceeding the rising demands is the adaptation of existing processes and the development of new ones. This leads to continuous improvements in the coating performance and a steady increase in the productivity of our coating systems.

By improving the automation of our systems we are simplifying their operation by non-specialist and strengthening the process stability and reliability.

Results from our R&D efforts are immediately transferred to our coating service centers and impact new equipment designs to maximize the benefit for our worldwide customers.