PVT is your supplier for real turnkey solutions – with most advanced technology and experience for decades. We offer our customers complete engineering of turn-key-solutions for the entire production, including cleaning, coating, pre- and post-treatment and QC – laboratory for coating tools and components.

Our Services:

  • Facility layout – Turn-key coating centers
  • After-Sales training and support
  • Upgrade and retrofit of existing systems
  • Job coating services

We support to choose the proper pre- and post-treatment as well as cleaning and stripping processes (dry and wet blasting, tribofinishing, water-based cleaning, etc.). PVT supplies fully automatic cleaning lines, which are designed to efficiently handle the parts flow to the coating systems.
Quality control test equipment can be supplied to investigate film thickness, mono- or multilayer coating structures, adhesion, roughness and hardness to assure highest quality levels.
Depending on the customer’s requirements we also design the complete layout of the workshops, including all utilities, such as power, water, gases, exhausts and lighting etc..
After installation customers will be trained to run and maintain all system.

We assist our customers in upgrading their systems by:

  • new or modified processes
  • retrofitting components like sources, pumps, power supplies etc.
  • updating control-hard- and software
  • rebuilding of complete systems

PVT offers different retrofit packages consisting of arc evaporator or magnetron sputtering sources, heater elements, rotary feedthroughs, temperature sensors, etc.
High system uptime is achieved by simplicity in design and best engineering tried and tested for years. The return of investment is guaranteed within a short period of time.

PVT services coating center