(Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)

When using a PECVD-process, as with CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), only gases are used. For PECVD the deposition temperatures are considerably lower (100–600 °C) compared to the classical CVD with temperatures in the rage of 1000 °C and higher. The plasma is used to enforce the reaction  as well as the dissociation of the reactive gases, such as C₂H₂ or CH₄ during the deposition of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coatings.

screenshot pe cvd principle
Also combinations of processes such as

  • PECVD + magnetron sputtering
  • PECVD + arc evaporation

are used.

To deposit well adherent DLC-coatings adhesive layers have to be deposited prior forming DLC. Cr (Chromium), deposited by arc evaporation, is an excellent candidate to improve the adhesion of DLC.
screenshot pe cvd gd oes